Юлия Савичева пропустила первый день рождения дочки
The singer spoke about the reasons why you are unable to personally congratulate the little birthday girl.

Julia Savicheva

Photo: @yuliasavicheva Instagram

Yulia Savicheva is going through due to the fact that I missed the first day of the birth of a daughter, Ani. Due to the busy schedule, the singer was unable to personally congratulate the little birthday girl. The day before she acted. at the Bottom of the city. About his experiences on this occasion she told the Network.

“Bless you, dear! Even though I was not able to be there physically on this momentous day, I’m always there for you soul, no matter how many kilometers there was between us. I write all this because I know when you grow up, you all read it. We congratulate so many caring people! Pleasantly surprised. Thank you! Happy birthday to you and our family! Infinitely love you,” admitted Julia.

But Savicheva overcame on the road to motherhood is a very difficult test. Shortly before Portugal came to light Anya, Julia has experienced the loss of a child. The tragedy happened when the singer was on the second month of pregnancy. In the family of the performer then the crisis came, which spouses safely has managed to overcome. “In the life of each drop test. And we are not afraid, we trusted each other, supported and loved, and it worked,” says Julia.