Julia Savicheva lost the baby

Юлия Савичева потеряла ребенка The singer gave a Frank interview about his personal life. She admitted that some time ago was already pregnant, but their family tragedy. The baby could not be saved. She concealed this event from the public.

This year the fans were happy when it became known that Yulia Savicheva born child. Artist working with Maxim Fadeev. she lives with her husband Aleksandr in Portugal. Rumors about the pregnancy of the ex-contestants of “American idol” went many times, but she never confirmed them, preferring to hide the events of his personal life.

In a candid interview with reporters Savicheva admitted that she lost her first child. The star continued to work during pregnancy and did not spare himself. About the interesting position of the singer found out by accident.

“In the midst of another tour, after feeling unwell, took a test and found out she was pregnant. Sasha was happy. One of the first who shared his joy was Maxim Fadeev,” – said Julia.

The artist did not consider it necessary to stop working because I felt good. She was ready to go on maternity leave only when she could not physically bear a heavy schedule.

“It happened on the second month of pregnancy, which, incidentally, was straightforward. Even if you felt that somewhere hurts, not paying particular attention. The mishap occurred when he flew from Moscow to the province to remove your clip. I woke up early in the morning from the pain – started bleeding,” – said Savicheva.

She was taken to the hospital, one of the cities. The doctors did everything possible, but to save the baby failed. “Her husband was not there. Called him before had to give anesthesia. Sasha is terribly worried, as all close people, whom we are very grateful for the support. In the hospital I spent three days”, – says the singer.

In an interview with “Caravan of stories” star admitted that this sad event much broke them with my husband.