Юлия Савичева родила дочь Producer Maxim Fadeev told his subscribers that his ward Julia Savicheva celebrates the new addition to the family. The singer and her husband Alexander Arshinova appeared charming child. Fans of the actress and wish her successor all the best.
Юлия Савичева родила дочь

Producer Maxim Fadeev shared with the public good news. The man reported that his ward Julia Savicheva, who is now in Portugal, gave birth to a daughter. Figure of show business congratulated the singer with the long-awaited addition to the family.

Fadeev recorded a short video message in which he could not hide his emotions. The producer smiled widely when we are talking about charming heiress Julia Savicheva.

“Hello! It’s time to open up. I want to tell all the news. We have very good news. Julia Savicheva daughter was born. Many talked about it, especially journalists, we have Julia “gave birth” every month” – said the worker of show business.

The man also admitted that he was nervous, recording the video, but did not cut video decided to leave them as they are.

Users of social networks wish Savicheva child to grow strong and to please their parents. According to many, Julia will be a wonderful mother. “With a new person! Yay! Health daughter”, “Class! Very happy for you”, “Great”, “congratulations”, “how smart she is”, “Maxim, you are so sincerely welcome this event”, “good girl, Good singer”, “take care of yourself,” was discussed by the fans of the performer.

Earlier media have repeatedly appeared information about the fact that Yulia Savicheva and her husband Alexander Arshinov celebrate the completion of the family. However, neither the actress nor her partner did not comment on the rumors, which spread across the Network. Star, preferring to spend time in Portugal with your loved one, rarely updates the page in “Instagram” and have not presented a new song. According to Fadeeva, the singer is preparing to introduce a new project.

The first evidence of the emergence of the child in the family Savicheva appeared in February of this year. “StarHit” contacted ex-participant of “Factory of stars”, but insiders have denied the rumors. “Julia is on vacation. Information about the birth of a child is a duck. It is really not in Russia, but no one gave birth,” said informed sources.

Last week, the Internet again began to exaggerate rumors that Yulia Savicheva became a mother. Then the representatives of the Production center Maxim Fadeev has not denied but also not confirmed this information. By the way, the worker of show business promised to journalists that will tell about the joyous event in the life of the trust, if it happens.