Юлия Савичева раскритиковала молодых артистов из «Новой Фабрики звезд» The singer gave some advice to aspiring performers. Julia Savicheva stressed that watched with interest the project, but no speech did not cause her turbulent emotions. And yet the star of the stage sees the potential of some artists.

In 2003, Julia was famous all over the country, becoming a participant of the TV project “Factory of stars-2”. The girl was able to reach the final and conquered many audiences with their sincerity and power. After the show, she signed a contract with Maxim Fadeev, the girl still continues to work with this renowned producer.

Of course, Julia could not miss the issues of “New American idol”. On his page in Instagram the star told the feelings she was aroused by the project and its participants.

“I liked three songs: “North 17” – “Song”, comments on Vladislav Kurasov – “Walls” Elman Zeynalov – “My ocean.” Upset that shivers was never one of his speeches. About the winner I can not say anything, except that she sings confidently and consistently. Caught the first song of the band “North of 17″. Unfortunately, then the music quickly ended and began HYIP”, – shared his emotions Savicheva.

The star said that she was glad to watch every episode and maybe the perception was influenced by her own experience. In recognition of Julia, and then she thought back to the memories of “Factory of stars-2”.

Savicheva decided to give some advice to young performers – recommendations, which in the future can help boys and girls build a successful career. According to the stars, the main will always have a love for music, a desire to evoke feelings and emotions in people.

“Guys, don’t follow trends and for the money, make music that makes people empathize with you. Cry, laugh, fall in love. Go your way, be original. Never stop working on yourself, be self-critical. Be honest with yourself and with the audience. Only then everything will be. Still “Factory” is only the first step,” said the artist.

Fans have supported Julia and said that she gives very good tips for aspiring singers. Savicheva she recently returned to active musical activity. The star took a break from work in connection with pregnancy and baby care. The first song Savicheva after a long break became a hit. The song “fear Not” with an important social message moved many fans, young woman.

Recall that the results of the “New idol” were announced on 9 December. The winner of the project became Guzel Khasanova, which at the first “factory” of the concert were able to display their excellent vocal skills.