Julia Savicheva apologized to my mom

Юлия Савичева попросила прощения у мамы
The singer apologized for his behavior in adolescence.

Photo: Instagram

Julia Savicheva though and has a very modest appearance, but in adolescence “gave the heat” parents. The singer remembered his not very exemplary behavior to the mom’s birthday. Now, when Julia and she gave birth to a child, she realized how much hurt their most loved ones.

“All through a period of conflicts, disputes and misunderstandings with their parents, she says. Especially in adolescence. And on this day, the birthday of my mother, I want to apologize for all the words inadvertently, rashly, I told my parents that in some point did not believe their words, that was sharp. After the appearance of Ani, many things become clear, especially the feeling of the experience for the family, for the future of their child. Mom, I want you to be happy, that you are not sick. You have me so young, intelligent, energetic and beautiful! I’ll try not to upset you over nothing. I’m always here. You’re the best for me. I love you very much. Happy Birthday!”

Star has published in a personal blog archive photo of yourself with your mom. The picture shows Julia at about the same age, and now her daughter Anya. Despite the fact that the girl will soon be a year, neither the singer nor her husband has never showed the public the daughter. But Savicheva shares details about how the baby is growing and how it looks. Initially, the singer was told that Anya is a copy of the Pope. And from my mom she only red hair color, but recently there was no it.

“All I can remember was a redhead. A little lighter, a little darker, but anyway how. Anya was beginning to get dark. Now she is light blonde and curly. So red in the regiment departed. I’ve never been a brunette or a blonde. If only the filming of the show or movie, but wigs are not considered”, — says Julia.

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