Julia Savicheva amazed fans with unusual abilities

Юлия Савичева изумила фанатов необычными способностями The actress shared with fans of the bright frames, which showed a portrait of his niece. Netizens were not even aware that Julia draws well. The singer also told about another passion from which she gets pleasure.
Юлия Савичева изумила фанатов необычными способностями

Julia Savicheva regularly communicates with fans. She often shares with devoted fans the latest news, publishes the best photos and keeps users on the Network.

This Savicheva demonstrated another talent. It turns out that the singer draws well. Many Internet users noted the high professionalism of the portrait, which was created by the star.

“Hurrah! I finished the portrait! It shows my niece. Drew with pencils that gave the guys in my fan club, Thank you again! Lisa, canvas, pencils, 2018”, – said Julia.
Юлия Савичева изумила фанатов необычными способностями
Юлия Савичева изумила фанатов необычными способностями
Юлия Савичева изумила фанатов необычными способностями

Julia is talented not only in singing and painting, the artist turned out to be a great cook. She especially be exquisite cakes. She often brings friends and relatives tiered pastry.

“My passion is baking cakes! Of course, now I do it very rarely, still a child another life. But for a person who has a sweet tooth, like me, it is a sin not to do! Prepared Muscovy cake. The taste is very similar to Tiramisu. I tried, turned out delicious. The chef of the restaurant, when serving, I decided to add berries on top. Well, he knows better,” – said Yulia fans.

Recall that in August last year, Julia Savicheva became a mother for the first time. The actress gave birth to a long awaited daughter who was named Anna. Joyful event in the life of the singer has occurred in Spain. On returning to Moscow Savicheva did not stay too long in the decree, and quickly returned to work.

Fans noticed that the actress in a relatively short time dropped kilos during pregnancy. Julia recently admitted that he is not really putting on weight when expecting a child. She adhered to a certain diet all 9 months.

“I was lucky – I had a very strict diet for 9 months. This was due to the recommendations of doctors to control of blood sugar. Once a week I allowed myself dessert, after dessert at least an hour walk and other days restrict your carbohydrates. Therefore, after the birth of my daughter I added quite a bit,” she said. Yulia Savicheva for the first time about the loss of a child: “Misfortune has strengthened our marriage”