Julia Samoylova will be able to speak at the “Eurovision”

Юлия Самойлова сможет выступить на «Евровидении» The organizers of the contest offered the singer a compromise. For the first time in the history of the competition, the contractor will be able to represent their country remotely. The statement of the EBU emphasizes that this is an unprecedented step in relation to the artists.

      On the eve of the Network appeared information about the fact that the singer Yulia Samoylova, launched from Russia on “the Eurovision” will not be able to enter the territory of Ukraine. The singer was forbidden to cross the border of the country for a period of three years. The news about the decision of the SBU caused a strong public resonance. In turn, representatives of the First channel said that the performances Samoilova at the international competition next year.

      The scandal of “Eurovision” is gaining momentum

      Later, the media published information that the organizers of Eurovision are looking for non-standard variants of Russia’s participation in the popular show. Recently the European broadcasting Union has released an official statement about the situation. They offered Samoilova remotely represent my country.

      “In order to preserve the non-political nature of the song contest “Eurovision”, the European broadcasting Union worked hard to find a way out of this situation, and has taken an unprecedented step,” – said in a statement posted on the Network.

      According to the plan developed by the EBU in, Julia will perform in the semi-finals of the competition on satellite communications. If Samoilova will be held in the final stage of the competition, it will once again represent their country remotely. “It’s something that’s never been done before in the 60-year history of the competition. The values of inclusiveness, in the spirit of “Eurovision”, – said in a statement.

      Representatives of the First channel and Yulia Samoilova has not yet responded to the offer of the European broadcasting Union. Previously, the artist said he does not feel dissatisfied with the current situation. “All this is very funny to watch from the sidelines because I don’t understand what there is in me such a saw. In me, in such a small girl, saw any threat. I, by and large, do not worry. I do, I somehow think that everyone else will change”, – said the artist.

      We add that the Russian participant of “Eurovision” was supported by many celebrities. So, the producer Maxim Fadeev addressed to Yulia Samoilova and advised her not to worry. “Well it did not work, did not work. It happens. Anyway the First channel you chose and the year you will be able to go to another country. And there to win. I believe in it. As for the decision of the Ukrainian side, for me personally, it was unexpected. I believe that common sense will prevail,” – said the worker of show business.

      Later, Deputy Prime Minister of Ukraine Vyacheslav Kirilenko has criticized the proposal of the European Union.

      “Broadcast performances Samoilova Ukrainian TV channels – it is also a violation of the Ukrainian laws, as well as its entry to Ukraine. EBU needs to take this into account”, – he wrote in his microblog.