Julia Samoylova turned to a plastic surgeon

Юлия Самойлова обратилась к пластическому хирургу The singer said that trying to maintain a youthful appearance. The representative of “Eurovision” from Russia this year admitted that kind to his appearance. That is why Julia Samoylova went to a specialist.

      Famous actress Julia Samoylova shared with subscribers microblog unusual picture. The frame is made in the medical center, where, as it turned out, the girl calls for procedures. Beauty carefully monitors the skin to always look respectable on the set and performances.

      The singer told followers that he had asked the surgeon not for surgery, as many might think, and for traditional care. It turned out that the star tries to find time in his busy schedule between rehearsals and numerous interviews to pay attention to the condition of the skin. And also asked the fans which means they retain youthfulness.

      “Amazing Dr. Amjad Arshan is a great professional in the business! ‘ve been watching his work and finally got an appointment. About the plastic I think it’s still early, of course, but to maintain the natural beauty also has not been canceled! And what you do procedures, in addition to maschek and creams? Tell us, maybe you have a favorite?” – wrote Samoilov under the

      Fans of creativity of the celebrities there left dozens of comments with responses and were also given useful tips on skin care. In addition, they agreed with darling that resort to surgery and to go under the knife should only when necessary.

      “Yulia, good luck to you all! Very nice of you! Proud of you”, “You’re very beautiful!”, “Julia, you are so beautiful, I wish you health, success and, of course, wins,” “Julia, plastic surgeons, like other doctors, are very necessary! Those who have had an accident, who is in dire need of restoration, return appearance. But you? Conserve your health for other professionals. Sincerely wish you the best, as little as possible to meet them! Good luck to you!” – posted by users of the social network.

      The doctor also did not stay aside and told subscribers of his microblog, which met Samoilova. Amjad Arshan also noted that beauty still continues to prepare for the international song contest, despite recent events and the ban on entry to Ukraine for an artist. “With a very cute girl. Working on the beauty before important to all of us event! Good luck and fingers crossed!” – wrote the surgeon. Eurovision can urgently move to Berlin