Julia Samoylova is justified for the defeat on “the Eurovision”

Юлия Самойлова оправдалась за поражение на «Евровидении» The singer was in a live program “Let them talk”. Julia Samoylova first saw your room in the semi-finals and justified for the defeat on “the Eurovision”.
Юлия Самойлова оправдалась за поражение на «Евровидении»

A few hours before the final of “Eurovision – 2018” in Lisbon, in the Studio of the First channel in Moscow brought together the stars of film, television and show business, public figures and fans of the European song contest. The audience and the experts gave a standing ovation to Julia Samoylova – the singer went into the Studio almost from the airport.

Julia thanked the audience for their support. The audience, artists and journalists, many believe that Julia was condemned, the jury had been unfair to her.

However, the shooting unexpectedly spoke otherwise. Julia confessed that only now looking fully his speech and believes that the low scores of the jury, who did not let her pass to the final, absolutely true.

“I looked just now. I know my schools, I made a lot of mistakes. I am of course pleased that all my excuses together… But everything is true,” said Samoylova.
Юлия Самойлова оправдалась за поражение на «Евровидении»

Not many in the Studio shared a critical view of the singer. Only journalist Vladimir Polupanov singer expressed his admiration and noticed that Samoilova very objective: “Objectively, it is this year wasn’t the best, okay…” – said music critic.

Julia Samoylova has not passed the final with your number for the song I Won’t Break (“I will not break”). When the results were announced, the singer could not hold back tears. The next day after the semi-finals, Julia quietly said that she hoped that no one summed up: “We did everything we could, I hope I haven’t failed. Thank you to everyone who supported me and those who are against me. It also gives extra strength. I will not make excuses, I think I could get better,” said Julia.

Юлия Самойлова оправдалась за поражение на «Евровидении»

However, the trip to Portugal in Lisbon for Julia was still happy. Because her dreams came true – she still acted on the Eurovision stage, and she wanted to see the ocean and it is her desire was fulfilled.

However, as Dr. Phil says Elena Malysheva, in fact, Yulia’s biggest dream and goal in life is to get out of the wheelchair. Malysheva said that he had invented a medicine that can help to make this a really huge dream. And let it yet in Russia, but still Malysheva expressed hope that Yulia Samoilova will ever be able to walk.