Юлия Самойлова открыла истинные причины провала на «Евровидении»
The singer said that it saved.

Юлия Самойлова открыла истинные причины провала на «Евровидении»

Julia Samoylova


Yulia Samoylova, who presented Russia at the “Eurovision-2018”, analyzed the failure happened at the competition. In a recent interview the singer spoke about what really could cause a bad performance. As it turned out, not the last role in the fact that the artist is not in the finals allegedly played the greed of the leadership of the First channel.

According to Samoilova for the supply of its rooms has been allocated insufficient funds. Outfit for the international contest Julia was cooking on their own savings. Moreover, she was promised to a trip to Portugal a special new chair, but she never saw. Moreover, completely your room, Yulia was able to rehearse only once. About this Samoilov has told in interview to the channel “The People”.

Alla Pugacheva tried to prevent the failure of Yulia Samoilova at Eurovision

However, Julia does not relieve responsibility for the loss. She justified that he was nervous, so she had trouble breathing. Before the second verse Samoylova took a break to “having trouble breathing”, and the jury and the audience decided that she just forgot the words to the song “I won’t break”, which came to conquer the Eurovision song contest. Anyway, Julia does not give up: soon she will be able to introduce the autobiography, new album and clip.