Юлия Самойлова столкнулась с волной негатива из-за участия в «Евровидении» Publication of the official video for the song I Won’t Break turned into a scandal. In the opinion of the fans of the contest, Julia Samoylova are unable to go all out and show a good vocal.
Юлия Самойлова столкнулась с волной негатива из-за участия в «Евровидении»

May 10 Julia Samoilov will perform in the semi-final of the Eurovision song contest. The actress will represent Russia with the song I Won’t break. In anticipation of the start of the event, the organizers have posted the official videos from the presentation of the work of each artist.

Video Samoilova was suddenly subjected to harsh criticism. At the moment, on Youtube it attracted more than 30 thousand dislikes allowed, which is almost twice the number of likes. In the comments many say that disgruntled vocal Yulia.

“I am completely disappointed! It won’t pull the song, which is not very. The clip is stupid, And I liked the song, good performance”, “Clip as the clip, the song is like a song. Didn’t notice anything terrible, but it’s not a masterpiece” – opinions of fans of the contest.

Samoilov she tries not to react to the wave of negativity in his address. Earlier, the singer told that the performance at the Eurovision song contest is a dream of a lifetime. She had long prepared for this event, worked with an English teacher and vocal coaches.

Recall that the actress was supposed to perform at the “Eurovision” from Russia in 2017. However, Ukraine has banned her from entering its territory. In Lisbon, where this year like the event, it will have to compete with artists from 37 countries.

Member of the expert Council on development of information society in the state Duma Vadim Adamyan was outraged by the harsh statements in the address of Samoilova. He stressed that compatriots should support the artist and not to throw angry comments.

“Now is the time to support Julia Samoylova at Eurovision. Instead, however, after the first run we see a Samoylova was attacked by our own countrymen. What a strange attitude to the representative of our country, and even to the person with disabilities? Yulia clever, it is improving, it is better to sing live decently and improve their pronunciation in English,” – said Manukyan.

Many fans of the contest invited next year to send from Russia Olga Buzova. However, Manukian this idea has appalled. Communicating with Dni.ru he noted that it is necessary to protect Europe from the phenomenon of the popularity of the leading “House-2”. The man called for support Samoylova, and then she will be able to compete successfully.