Юлия Самойлова на «Евровидении» забыла текст песни The artist managed to miss a few words. Yulia Samoilova acted under the sixth room. Apparently, the actress couldn’t cope with the excitement. Backing singers, in turn, saved the situation, but because the viewers have noticed the hiccup, which occurred at the time when the cameras were on her.

Today, may 10, in Lisbon, is the second semi-final of the popular music contest “Eurovision”. Our country this year is the singer Yulia Samoilova. In 2017, when the event took place in Kiev after the victory of the Jamala, the artist was not allowed on the territory of Ukraine. Then it was decided that in 2018, Yulia will definitely go to the contest.

Anyway, the year of preparation for the presentation helped Samoilova to cope with anxiety. During ispolneniya one of the verses she missed the entry. However, the situation was corrected, the backing vocalists, who picked up the words. But because hiccup noticed the audience, not the audience. Julia smiled and continued to sing.

Now comes the counting of votes, and in a few minutes we will know if Julia was in the final. ATTENTION! ARTICLE UPDATED

The former participant of the project “Factor And” confined to a wheelchair. However, the actress did not want anyone to see her the stroller. Her assistants decided to make for the performance dress of the mountain. Together with Yulia on the stage were two dancers.

In the second semi-finals Samoilov competed with the winner of “Eurovision-2009” which passed in Moscow, Alexander Rybak. As nine years ago, a young man cheerfully played the violin and tried to re-conquer the girls ‘ hearts a charming smile.

The Moldovan group DoReDoS could confuse the audience with their “doubles”. On the idea of Directors, each member of the trio was an understudy, which is in the same clothes in the colors of the national flag, the author of which was Igor Gulyaev, – was behind the makeshift doors. The Moldovan team supports Philip – he wrote the music for them.

All of the 18 participants of the second semifinal and in the final round only ten countries.

Bookmakers suggest that the first place at the Eurovision song contest could take Eleni, Furara from Cyprus. She conquered the audience with a fitted Romper and alluring dances on the stage. Fat the representative of Israel also considered the favourite of the competition. Unexpectedly in rating bookmakers appeared and singer from Lithuania, singing about eternal love and invited on stage your husband is at the very end of the speech.

Ukrainian singer ALEKSEEV, who represented this year, Belarus failed to reach the final. Its a romantic song and a room with roses from the back, apparently, not attracted to the European public.