Юлия Самойлова об ужасной подготовке к «Евровидению», советах Пугачевой и своем недуге The singer spoke in detail about the failure of the international competition. According to Yulia Samoilova, things were not as she had imagined. The artist could not affect. In addition, Julia had to deal with the outfit for Eurovision.
Юлия Самойлова об ужасной подготовке к «Евровидению», советах Пугачевой и своем недуге

Yulia Samoylova, who represented Russia at the “Eurovision-2018” in Lisbon, gave an interview to the project “The People”, in which she explained the reasons for unsuccessful performance in the competition.

According to singer, the preparations for the international vocal competition left much to be desired. Julia said that she was misled. Serious rehearsals began only two weeks before the show.

“Do you remember the words, and decided to catch my breath”: Julia Samoylova on shame on “Eurovision”

“Everything was slipshod. I had to resolve many issues. On the bulk, from the same clip and info of the track – I could not influence. I said, “don’t worry, no load. Everything is fine”. Of course, I’m enraged. I had a hard time when around said one thing, and I saw that everything is bad, but I couldn’t do anything,” – said the singer.
Юлия Самойлова об ужасной подготовке к «Евровидению», советах Пугачевой и своем недуге

According to Yulia, she had a “disgusting, terrible” performance in one of the shopping centers of Moscow. It took place shortly before the “Eurovision”. “Just a drunk woman sings… A noticed that my hand was the remote. When I made louder to hear yourself, everything became louder. I have not heard when out of tune. (…) My mother called and said: “don’t sing ever in my life,” – said the artist.

Then Samoilov has insisted on the change of the teacher and increased the number of rehearsals. But it didn’t help. “The fact that I sang badly, it’s my fault. But, probably, it is caused by other factors”, – said the girl. According to the singer, before going on stage she felt depressed.

“I thought, analyzed’m Trying to do even better, although it was not as good as I was told close guys. I just had to sing as well, and not to invent. On stage I felt a lump in my throat, a storm of emotions. If I sang, it wouldn’t be good”, – says the singer.
Юлия Самойлова об ужасной подготовке к «Евровидению», советах Пугачевой и своем недуге

Producer Maxim Fadeev, commenting on the defeat Julia, came to the conclusion that it was uncomfortable to sit. “I can’t say that all was the fault of the mountain,” said the singer. At the same time it does not exclude that the wrong position of the microphone and other such factors could affect its defeat.

Moreover, as it turned out, Samoilova had to buy their own outfit for the contest and look for clothes for dancers, and for the participation in the show, the singer received a fee. The girl was traveling in Portugal “on a voluntary basis”. When the artist saw his video, he was not to her taste, what she told colleagues. However, they did not agree with Samoilova.

“It’s a small nuance, and it happened stage by stage. You know, the idea was probably good, but the work itself is not much. I understand that I may be difficult to remove, but the work was clumsily done. In any case do not want to offend the people with whom I worked. They are also not all depended. It was such a race, everything was done at the last moment” – shared the singer.
Юлия Самойлова об ужасной подготовке к «Евровидению», советах Пугачевой и своем недуге

Julia was annoying to listen to the arguments of their team. She said: “We’re not going to win”. But Samoilova still relied on their own strength and thought I would be able to pull the room. According to the artist, and if someone chose not just. “They needed a character with certain qualities. Last year, I knew it, but couldn’t give up on your dreams. All each other use, this life,” recalls the singer.

According to rumors, Alla Pugacheva asked Julia not to participate in the contest.

“Honestly, we with Alla Borisovna personally on this subject did not speak, we communicated through Alisher, that’s our mutual friend. He said: “Alla Borisovna thinks great folly, a mistake that you agreed to go on “Eurovision” and if you hadn’t gone, then the cards would be in my hands”. Even Alisher said that we in Russia do not like losers and “just peck you, be ready for it” (I do not know whether it is a word or Alla)” – shared the actress.

Leading YouTube show also asked Samoilova, does her diagnosis on singing. The singer is not only vocal, but also doing special exercises. According to Yulia, with her disease need a constant guardian. The artist can’t even turn the wheels of the wheelchair on their own.

“The essence of my disease is that people with a certain age, muscles atrophy. I have everything goes in a fairly positive way, I don’t know why, – said the singer. –Even with this diagnosis I’m not supposed to sing as many say. I have a small lung volume (840 ml, and the average person is 4 liters). Had surgery, the only thing that prevents me to sing, is weakened muscles. When I pulled, they stretched, and they don’t have enough power to push the air when singing. Last year, my physique was worse, I was talking to work.”

In the future Samoylova is going to prove to the public that is able to sing without the backing vocals. On may 21, the artist is a scheduled concert in a Moscow Park “Krasnaya Presnya”. Julia decided to make a program to play acoustic guitar.