Julia Roberts was able to bring my husband home

Джулия Робертс сумела вернуть мужа домой
Danny Moder gave marriage with Julia one more chance.

Julia Roberts and Danny Moder

The first seven months of the appearance of Julia Roberts and her husband, cameraman Danny Moder are called in Hollywood the sensation and at the same time hope. And suddenly the spouses, whose marriage has long been under threat, managed to reconcile and to start married life with a clean slate?

The fact that Julia Roberts and Danny Moder have been living separately and a long time ago never appeared together. The husband moved to a modest house opposite the mansion the couple in Malibu and talked exclusively with the children, clearly ignoring his wife. And here are a couple suddenly saw about a clinic near their homes and at the same time they both acted like nothing happened and gently hugged each other looked.

It is known that for the last few months, “pretty woman” made a remarkable recovery and she was not seen with the boxes of pizza in his hands. Julia always loved Danny, and did not hide that is literally going on his mind. But all 14 years of their marriage was afraid he would abandon her — just as it did in 2002. Then Moder left his wife after meeting with Roberts on the set of the movie “the Mexican”. Despite his fame and status as one of the most beautiful women in Hollywood, Julia suffers from uncertainty in yourself and your charms. From this her character was spoiled, and according to rumors, these systems and constant attempts to “make the brain” husband on the most trifling occasion and brought their marriage to a sorry state.

Besides, Julia is terribly jealous and is afraid that her husband, to her cold, she certainly will change or has already changed. Hence her desire to control every step of the husband that he is clearly fed up. But she does not want divorce. Even after 2015, their relations rapidly deteriorated because of indifferent behavior Danny in the days when Julia was going through the death of his beloved mother. Modernization, instead, along with other relatives and friends to console the actress, went to surf — this is one of his favorite pastimes. Of course, the reunification of parents will love their children — twins and a son Henry.