Julia Roberts told about each the astronaut who regularly calls her from the space ship

Джулия Робертс рассказала о друге-астронавте, который регулярно звонит ей из космического корабля

Julia Robert, People magazine for the fifth time named the sexiest woman of Hollywood. As admitted herself a star, this recognition is incredibly flattered. On the background of the event, Julia spoke to reporters and talked about a special man, an acquaintance and friendship with which she is incredibly glad. We are talking about the classmate Roberts – astronaut Shane Kimbro.


Julia says that in the school year, Kimbro was not passionate about space, because no one could not imagine that one day you’ll see Shane in the ranks of the astronauts.”He was beautiful and smart, and he played football. He was hanging out with the prettiest girls from school… And eventually became an astronaut. Just yesterday I was talking to him, he was in the performance of the mission of NASA. I told him: “you’re the coolest guy from our school,” said Julia in an interview with People.