Julia Roberts to star in crime drama

Джулия Робертс снимется в криминальной драме

Having achieved certain heights in her career, Julia Roberts is free to choose the projects that would be removed. Another film, which was once the most highly paid actress in Hollywood said “Yes” was the crime drama “Man from the train”.

New picture will be devoted to the protection of “national hero” and “crazy city” of Darius McCollum, where Roberts will play his lawyer.

As stated in the synopsis for the film, the main character from childhood was attracted to the new York transport system. Later this hobby has turned into a real obsession: more than 25 times he was arrested for trespassing at a utility underground facilities (for he was dressed in uniform of employee of the transport Department) and the hijacking of buses.

Later, during the recent opinions of the McCollum was diagnosed with Asperger’s syndrome, i.e. inability to interact with the environment (a form of autism). Difficult to defend such a client takes the heroine Julia.

The author of the script was Semyon Stevenson, which according to insiders, prescribed role Roberts how thorough and exactly what it may well in the future (if you consent to filming) to qualify for “Oscar”.

So far, no date specified.

Note that if Robert agreed to star in “the Man from the train”, for the first time in 16 years it will appear again on screen as a human rights activist. The previous film was “Erin Brockovich”.

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