Julia Roberts loses sight

Джулия Робертс теряет зрение

Disturbing news about the Hollywood actress Julia Roberts. Western media reported that the vision of the artist catastrophic falls, and over the past few months, she is almost blind.

48-year-old star of “Pretty woman” suffers not only from poor eyesight, but also from headaches and back pain.
“All of your friends simply don’t recognize her lately. Passers-by stopped recognizing her on the street, nobody realizes who is in front of them. In real life she looks much older than in the movies. Her skin has dramatically grown old, covered with wrinkles, jowls sagged, but most of all, Julia scares her vision. She now constantly wears glasses, but her sight continued to deteriorate. She sees so bad that now not gets behind the wheel. One day she was driving so bad that the highway patrol stopped her for violations, but due to the fact that she is a star of the screen, Julia let go” — said the source.
Over the years, Roberts became aggravated rheumatoid arthritis, which tires her and brings her pain.” The actress does not even think about working in the movies now, because she srcno need to improve their health.
In 1980, Julia, as it turned out, had meningitis, and since then, back pain and migraines appeared from time to time, but now, if you believe the insider, the situation has become much worse.

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