Julia Roberts is not going to give advice on parenting twins George Clooney

Джулия Робертс не собирается давать советы по воспитанию двойни Джорджу Клуни

Hollywood actress and mother of twins Julia Roberts is not going to talk to his close friend George Clooney, what to do with the twins. As you know, the wife of the artist Amal is pregnant and will soon bear him two children, but as they say, know how to raise children, only those who don’t. My friends Julia to tell nothing, because I do not see in it sense. About this screen star said in a recent talk show Ellen DeGeneres.

“I think it will be very fun. They’re a wonderful couple and I think they don’t need any advice from me, nor from anyone else. What’s the point? No one will be there for you at three in the morning when you don’t know who you are, where you are and what to do. You yourself going through all these trouble and fatigue, like all the others who have been in your place. It’s trial and error, and a lot of tears, and that’s great,” said Julia.
Recall that Roberts and her husband Danny Moder have three children: twelve-year-old twins hazel and Finn, as well as nine-year-old Henry.
At the same time, George himself, who came late to fatherhood, already dreams quickly to change diapers for their kids. He is even ready to leave the cinema, to spend time with the children, while his wife is at work a long time on maternity leave she promised not to stay too long.
We will remind that earlier the gender of the children Mr. and Mrs. Clooney were concealed, however, the mother of George, and then – and his girlfriend Cindy Crawford let slip that it will be a boy and a girl.