Julia Roberts is markedly stout

Джулия Робертс заметно располнела
Actress seeking solace from family problems in the food.

Julia Roberts

Appearing in the press photo Julia Roberts taken by the paparazzi recently in
the time of her shopping in Malibu, impressed the fans of the actress. The fact that the star
very noticeably gained weight. Her figure in jeans looked like
she gained at least 15 pounds
excess weight. These pictures appeared on the website radaronline.com.

In recognition of a friend 49-year-old actress, Julia last time, it
lost track of her diet, which led to a sad result. And
cause excessive consumption of sweets and any other not too useful
and too much high-calorie food became, according to the informant of the site, the desire
Roberts to find solace from his marital problems.

The fact that, according to girlfriend Julia, the actress takes hard
the crisis in relations with her husband Danny Moder. They are no longer
they appeared together in public. Moreover, according to the newspaper The Star, Danny even moved out of
home Julia and settled in the neighborhood, to be able to see it and
Roberts children together — 12-year-old twins hazel and Finn, as well as younger
Henry’s son, who last summer
was 9 years old.

As told by buddy Roberts
now, sending children to school, Julie wanders around the house looking
the TV and trying to cheer myself up by eating sweets. Free time she has, unfortunately, now
more than enough, since her work schedule was a pause. It
completed production on the drama “the Miracle” and the voice of a new cartoon on cute
little people, the Smurfs, and new projects are still only in
the initial stage of development. However, hopefully, when Julia
the time comes again to go on the set, she’ll pull herself together and come back
to its previous form.