Julia Roberts ignored the wedding of his stepfather gay

Джулия Робертс проигнорировала свадьбу отчима-гея

Hollywood actress Julia Roberts is hiding from the public the ugly secrets of her family. The celebrity ignored a wedding of his stepfather Michael Motsa, who secretly married his partner, Timothy rush. The ceremony was secret, and indeed Julie, they say, were not eager to congratulate the newlyweds.

The relationship of Julia and her brother Eric to the stepfather was not the best. At the time, Eric, who has reached the age of sixty years, had accused the stepfather of sexual harassment. Insiders say the Hollywood beauty “feared and shunned” Motsa. He was an aggressive alcoholic, and turned family life into hell.
“Everyone was growing up, Julia knew that Motes was a raging freak,” say insiders.
“He terrorized and harassed me, I was also afraid that he would hurt my sisters, Julia and Lisa, as well as my mother” confessed Eric in an interview.
Now 72-year-old Motes – happy husband, 69-year-old Rasha. They married near their home in Georgia in September last year. As it became known, men lived in a civil marriage the last 25 years, and as soon as the law allowed them to formalize the relationship – then get married.