Julia Roberts gets mad when her congratulations on the 50th anniversary

Джулия Робертс злится, когда ее поздравляют с 50-летним юбилеем
America’s sweetheart does not see the difference between this and other birthdays.

Julia Roberts


It’s hard to believe, but Julia Roberts October 28, turned 50 years old. The actress spent the day with family, no official festivals or parties in Hollywood was not satisfied. And gets mad when she continues to congratulate the anniversary. Julia says that does not understand the difference. Like, she always loved her birthday, and just “happy and joyful” met today. “Come on! What kind of audacity? Why brad pitt or George Clooney did not get when they’re fifty years old?”, — approximately meets an American favorite for congratulations and questions how she survived such a serious women to date.

Julia admits that once in his youth was “a real bitch and only cared about themselves”. And this recognition is confirmed by the many memoirs of actors and Directors about how it was difficult with her work. Julia differed nervousness, were often on the verge of hysteria, and totally not interested in the moods and problems of others. She, having made that confession, blames their failures on the love front. Only married to cameraman Danny Moder Julia find true love and peace of mind. Became the mother of three children. The twins will soon turn 13 years old and the youngest son Henry ten. This summer, Roberts said another important anniversary — 15 years since the marriage with her beloved husband.

Despite the constant rumors about trouble in their marriage, Julie said that Danny would never be happy. “Danny anyway lead all my roads” — figuratively it is about my favorite. Advice on how to be happy and successful in 50 years? Please. “Marry her only man on the earth, give birth to redheaded children and are friends with the friends whom I know from childhood”.

Star rarely lately removed, preferring football that unites the son of Henry and cooking. She prepares Lunches, breakfasts and dinners and are proud of their culinary talents. But recently, Julia has agreed to play in the new series. Now the star of her magnitude are not averse to television production as the TV shows create the best of the best in the movie business. “Pretty woman” achieved a lot during his 30-year career and considers it necessary to “cling” to their status and often flickering on the screen. Exactly the same as refusing to do plastic surgery.