Джулия Робертс исполнила мечту блогера

One of the major festivals of Canada in Toronto is a great opportunity for fans of the stars to meet them and even talk to them. The festival brought together countless celebrities, and the same number of fans who are ready for everything in order to be photographed and to have a few words with their idols. This time insanely lucky blogger Kenny Santana, who crossed the ocean and arrived on the festival of Indonesia. He did it on purpose for the meeting with Julia Roberts! How did it end?

At the festival, Directors and actors present their new works and communicate with fans. So on stage was presented a new series Homecoming, which tells the story of a soldier and a social worker, a secret government service who are trying to return to a normal and carefree life of a civilian. Of course, there was Roberts who played the main role in the film. It’s time to talk with fans, and the MIC was turned over to Kenny. He told the actress about his difficult journey and that waiting for the promised meeting with Roberts 28 years!

How to leave this desire and effort without attention? Julia called the guy on stage, introduced him to the audience and took a few selfies with blogger. By the way, the guy on the glory prepared and clearly knows all about the actress. Julia noted his charitable t-shirt brand Be Love, supported by Julia.

Global News asked what feels the guy! “I couldn’t even dream about that!” — enthusiastically said the man. Also, the blogger noted that Julia did everything to make it feel comfortable.

Recall that last year, People magazine named Julia as the most beautiful woman in 2017 and it is not surprising that men are ready for such serious steps to meet the actress. As noted in the publication, Roberts was awarded this title in a record fifth time. Julia admits that she doesn’t believe this is happening to her, given that she’s not young, and taking into account the dominance of Hollywood’s young Actresses.

By the way, in conversation with journalists from Marie Claire, Roberts admitted that real life she’s not sensitive about his appearance and sometimes even forgets to look in the mirror: “You know, I sometimes leave the house and realize that you never looked at yourself in the mirror before leaving. And I think this is the right attitude to life.”

Interestingly, Julie says the state of absolute happiness on her visits when her husband is near. According to Roberts, these emotions lend her charm and beauty: “When my husband comes home, it’s like a recurring dream. I’m happy!”.