Джулия Робертс улетела от супруга в Африку с женатым мужчиной
The marriage, the actress is in danger!


Fans of the 49-year-old actress Julia Roberts is concerned. The thing
that according to information that appeared in the American media, the actress is leaving
wife and three children, flew to Kenya, not one, and the company is extremely popular in
The U.S. TV presenter, adventurer and writer Bear Grylls.

According to the official version, Julia flew to
Africa’s Affairs: to participate in a charity event. However, according to informants, far
not so simple. According to the persistently circulating in Hollywood
to rumors, the family of the actress has long been a serious problem. Claimed even
what Roberts husband Danny Moder last year moved out of the home of actress and now lives separately in the house nearby to be able to visit often
children. The paparazzi even managed to capture the moment of his crossing, when the Modernization supervised loading their things in the mansion drove up to the van.

And now, according to radaronline.com insider
information, when Julia announced Danny goes on a journey with a real macho Gillson,
which melts the heart of most of the tele-viewers Modernization protested. He apparently
decided that since they’re still married, must be observed at least formal
decency. Over all it is a formal divorce, or the spouses will be able
to reconcile, time will tell. And while
Roberts is reaping the fruits of their, apparently, not quite an informed decision: condemn it
for alleged flirting with a married Grissom.