Julia Roberts earned $ 3 million for four days

Джулия Робертс заработала 3 миллиона за четыре дня
In the life of the actress began a streak of light.

Julia Roberts

As it became
you know, Julia Roberts nice work on your latest project. In
while working on a new movie “mother’s Day”, which was released in April
this year, just four shooting she paid a whopping three million dollars!
Of course, the actress was very pleased with this result.

Of course,
Julia is a real star and once her suggested for every role
astounding amounts. It was a record fee received for “Erin Brockovich” — the film for which Roberts was awarded also “Oscar”. Then banking
the actress has been joined by 20 million dollars. But Julia has long been not
received an eight-figure fees, she did the last few years was filmed
not too much, giving all his time and strength to the family: husband Danny Moder and
three kids — twins to Phinneas and hazel, and son Henry.

recently in Hollywood there were persistent rumors that the relationship Julia and
Danny, things are not nearly so brilliantly as you would expect. More
also pararatstsi even managed to film the scene Modera loading things in the car and it
moving to another house. From what the reporters immediately came to the conclusion that Danny left
Julia. They have predicted the imminent divorce, however, events took an unexpected

As reported
actress girlfriend, Julia, allegedly, got pregnant again! The actress suddenly started
to wear of free styles, which, like, really visible rounded
tummy. This news is very pleased fans of the actress, because there is hope,
the birth of a fourth child might save the marriage of the actress.

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