Джулия Робертс решилась показать миру свои морщины
The actress vowed to wear makeup only on the set.

Recently, Julia Roberts has managed to surprise many fans of bold statement, which she published in
his microblog. The actress, who this year celebrates 50 years, said she decided to abandon
cosmetic tweaks, so the world saw the “real face”.

“My kids see me in
makeup only in one case — when I
be in a movie!” — says the actress. And this is its principal position.
Roberts doesn’t wear makeup or when going with the kids for a walk, or when taking
them in school, nor when it comes to cheer for them in school sports
the competition…

“We, modern women, face covered with a thick layer of makeup
increasing Botox injections, then starve yourself with hunger so that only priblizitsya to the suggested ideal. But this is not what actually is
the meaning of care. The main thing is how we feel “inside”. If we don’t
we live in a world of harmony with itself, how can we expect anyone
love? So, even though I know I have wrinkles, I’m not going
hide, because this is my real face! I would like to take me
I am actually, and I advise everyone to follow my example…” —
said Roberts.

Julia, who during his career managed
removed almost 6 dozens of movies and
series, is not going to “retire”, but in recent years it
much unload your schedule. Now the actress is taken for a maximum of two projects per year, and
not afraid to refuse a tempting role, if they contradict
Intracom her family. According to Roberts, for it is always in the first place — it
children and husband Danny Moder. Julie and Danny,
who got married in the summer of 2002 and mother of three: 12-year-old
twins hazel and Finn and son
Henry, who recently turned 7 years old. Julie says that quite happy that her life is built
around the school schedules of her children.