Julia Roberts asked the fans money

Джулия Робертс попросила у фанатов денег
The actress said what she wants for birthday is a special gift.

Julia Roberts


yesterday at a charity event in Los Angeles, Julia Roberts
admitted, what kind of presents on the day of birth she wants. Actress 28
Oct turns 49 years were asked their fans to make her a special
a gift for her personal holiday. “Frankly, the birthday one
of my favorite days of the year. And if you would like me to donate something to,
but I don’t know what it is, make a donation to my charity. Since
I am turning 49 years old, it will be great if you contribute $ 49!” said

This evening Julia looked flawless as always,
but it seemed the guests a little sad. And all could not see,
that Roberts, for the umpteenth time in the last six months, again appeared in public
one without their spouse Danny Moder. Moreover, Modera does not happen near
Julia on just for the social events, they are generally no longer seen together. Even
school football match for girls ‘ teams, where she played the daughter of actress 11 — year-old
Hazel, Robert came alone. And when the girl got during the game, a leg injury,
carry her to her car had one of the bodyguards of stars.

the developments confirmed the rumors
the family of the actress is going through a serious crisis. In some overseas press
time ago there were even reports that Danny moved out of their shared with
Julias house and now lives separately. However, no official announcement about
impending divorce, the spouses are not yet done.