Джулия Робертс советует использовать меньшее количество косметики
A few months famous actress Julia Roberts will celebrate her anniversary, she is 50 years old.

Джулия Робертс советует использовать меньшее количество косметики

But the star boasts a great look and can give odds to many young girls. The other day Julia had posted a message to women, advising them to use less cosmetics.

“We, modern women, face covered with a thick layer of makeup, increasing Botox injections, then starve herself to death just to get close to the suggested ideal. But this is not what actually makes sense to take care of. The main thing is how we feel “inside”. After all, if we won’t live in peace harmony with itself, how can you expect someone to love? So, even though I know I have wrinkles, I’m not going to hide them, because that’s my real face! I would like to accept me such what I am actually, and I advise everyone to follow my example…,” wrote Roberts.

According to the actress, she is trying to differentiate his personal life and career, paying great attention to their children, twins hazel and Finn.

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