Julia Proskuryakova told me about the big fight with Elena Esenina

Юлия Проскурякова рассказала о крупной ссоре с Еленой Есениной Some time ago, the artist stopped working. Julia Proskuryakova and Elena Esenina for a long time did not say that was the reason for the conflict. During the joint work they managed to release two songs – “daughter” and “I’m a mother.
Юлия Проскурякова рассказала о крупной ссоре с Еленой Есениной

In late August, singer Julia Proskuryakova told the fans that she no longer collaborates with Elena Esenina. Not long ago, the artist recorded a joint song “For the girl”, and also worked on the song “I’m a mother”. Fans were surprised that the women decided to interrupt the Duo. They were trying to learn what triggered problems between the women. Only “StarHit” Proskuryakova told about what happened actually.

“This was our second job, a flash mob of three thousand pregnant moms. Elena knew about this for two weeks, we were paid a fee for the performance, but she decided that she needs to pay separately for the song. She called the organizers and began to investigate the relationship with them. Talked about copyright infringement. As a result, the flash mob in front of pregnant mothers, which she left five minutes before going on stage. I sang the song “You are my happiness”, the authorship of Julia Nikolaeva! So in this case we have not violated copyright Helena! The most unpleasant is the fact that there was a huge number of pregnant mothers with children who were taught a dance to the song “I am the mother of” a week”, – said Julia.

Elena herself said that in the posters, it was stated only the name of her colleagues, and her not even signed a contract to participate in the event. After that Esenin decided to leave and cease to cooperate with Proskuryakova.

“Elena was not a single large joint concert in order to do posters! The concert consists of two songs… In all the other press releases we Elena pointed out! We have all the evidence that the official representatives of the event organizers. In all the interviews I have always said about the authorship of Helen, so if she makes a formal Declaration that we infringe its copyrights, we will also be able to sue for libel and insult of honor and dignity!”

Some fans have suggested that the dispute between the artists emerged during the creation of a new song “Mr. Shaw, Ashot”. Elena assured journalists that the composition belongs exclusively to her. However Proskuryakov believes that it is relevant to the appearance of this hit, and although they had not entered into any contracts, hoping for a commendation from Helena.

“About the song “Ashot”, which I supposedly heard in September, on the Internet, too true. The idea and the choice of this name belonged to me and as you can see, the song was created together, I have all the messages from Elena (they dated 7 may 2017). It was then that we conceived the song Ashot, but the authorship for Elena, because in the end, she embodied all the musical part, – said Julia. We do not pretend anything! Elena took the first version of this song and thank God, she’s singing it and winning, finally, the love of the audience, which she so wants!”

Julia regrets only one that did not sign a cooperation agreement in the beginning of the relationship to avoid conflict situations.

“I also want to say that we told you about Elena, and the result is sheer joy gave us a free ballet, Maxim Galkin signed up for free, Angelica, the Director of the video “I am a mother” also worked for the idea, as we all do. Igor Krutoy suggested we live on the “New wave” too, just because he’s a good man and I’m sorry that Elena did not appreciate this,” concluded Proskuryakova.

Julia also told what fate awaits the video of the song “I’m a mother”. The actress admitted that many fans are eager to see the video for favorite song.

“We don’t mind a lot of energy and mine, and Lenin, and the directorial and camera crew. I would be sorry, first of all, people and actors who participated in the video, if he’s not out… But the final decision should be taken by Elena, she is the author of,” – said Julia.