Юлия Проскурякова учит дочку эффектному появлению на пляже Veronika is sunbathing on the Baltic sea. The heiress of composer Igor Nikolaev and his wife Julia became the most prominent figure on the coast, attracted everyone’s attention. Veronica is resting under the care of his grandmother.

      Юлия Проскурякова учит дочку эффектному появлению на пляже

      The family of composer Igor Nikolaev this summer holds in Jurmala, where stars have their own home. In the Baltics, wonderful nature, sea, great weather and a climate very suitable for growing and gaining strength in the body.

      However, in recent days the wife of a musician and a young mother Yulia Proskuryakova complains of unprecedented heat, which was established in Jurmala. So the star’s family seeks more time to spend on the beach enjoying the breeze and nice sea water. Together with their parents sunbathing and little daughter of Igor Nikolaev and Yulia Proskuryakova, eight-month-old Veronica. Perhaps her appearance on the beach can be called the most effective. Despite its tiny size, the girl became the most prominent figure on the coast. And of course, a photo of her taken during the relaxation on the sand, created a furor among the podeschi microblog Yulia Proskuryakova.

      The girl is depicted lying on the rug sunbathing and curiously watching all around. Veronica is resting under the care of grandma and under the umbrella which protects it from direct sunlight that may not be safe for such a small baby like her.

      Юлия Проскурякова учит дочку эффектному появлению на пляже“I was lying in the sun And in the sun look. All lie and lie And at the sun stare. Next to grandma is sitting And hands moves Only I all lie On grandma don’t you see”, – signed photo of Yulia Proskuryakova, altering the phrase of well-known children’s song.

      “Little sunshine,” “Oh, what a miracle!” “To Grow People! Be healthy, happy, the best!” “Little lapusechka! The world exploring…”, “Already knows how to climb! Soon run towards new discoveries!”, – was touched seen a picture fans of Yulia Proskuryakova.

      By the way, Igor Nikolaev and Julia Proskuryakova’s not the only star a family who in the summer moved to live closer to the sea. Not so long ago a company known composer and his wife were Alla Pugacheva and Maxim Galkin arrived in the Baltics along with the twins Harry and Lisa. Alla Pugacheva has transported children to Jurmala

      Here, in Jurmala, a week ago, Maxim Galkin celebrated his birthday with friends, a well known impersonator was forty years old. And Igor Nikolaev and Diva husband and I got into the camera lens casual photographer at the time, as did shopping in one of the stores of Jurmala.


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