Julia Proskuryakova spoke about the second pregnancy

Юлия Проскурякова заговорила о второй беременности The woman has told that spends all of his time to the education of her daughter Veronica. She admitted she would be happy to give the spouse an heir, but not yet ready for it. According to the artist, she needs time to recover after the first birth.

      Julia Proskuryakova together with her husband Igor Nikolaev raising one-year-old Veronica. The woman admitted that at the first postnatal stage, it was hard for her to control herself, but the heiress had to teach mom to be tolerant. However, the artist is not going to go on maternity leave. She stated that she needed to wait a while before planning the second pregnancy.

      Nikolaev I Proskuryakova remembered how he saved his daughter’s life

      “And don’t plan to give birth. I need to recover after the birth of Veronica. Women will understand me!” – said the artist.

      The wife of Igor Nikolaev tries to remain a good mother. It closely monitors the nutrition and development of girls with her for a long time listening to music and reading stories. The head of the family, in turn, also do not miss the opportunity to visit with her daughter. Yulia has repeatedly stated in interviews that Nikolaev for her example of a loving and caring dad. The composer has an adult heir to Julia, so the artist a little easier to cope with parental responsibilities.

      “Igor does not apply to categories of people who are always lying on the couch. He is a great helper, it can be all to ask. Baby loves it” – admitted the actress.

      Julia believes that the addition to the family think it’s still early for the reason that while it is important to spend much time on Veronica. Both parents are well aware of and concentrate all their efforts on the successor. Moreover, the birth of a girl was for women a true miracle, because she always wanted a daughter. The celebrity confessed that she had prayed about it for several months before I learned the sex of the baby.

      In addition, when Proskuryakova started to talk about the relationship with her husband, she said that after the birth of a daughter, their marriage had reached a new level. They were honest with each other, but with Veronica, everything changed for the better. The woman reported that Igor tries to listen to her advice, asks for help when needed. According to Julia, she gave Nikolaev the idea to sing a duet with ex-wife Natasha Koroleva. Seeing two ex-lovers together on one stage, fans quickly raised the alarm. However, Proskuryakova remained calm. “Speech at the anniversary evening Natasha was a mutual decision. Igor asked me, I said, “Why not? Stand together!” As for what I write fans, I can not answer”, – said Julia in an interview with the Source.ru.