Julia Proskuryakova ruffling congratulations on the pregnancy

Юлию Проскурякову рассердили поздравления с беременностью Igor Nikolaev together with your beloved called for a gathering of friends of Alla Pugacheva. Photo of Yulia with this event has caused controversy in the Network. Members mistakenly thought that the woman is in position.

      On Sunday, the stars gathered for the annual festival of Alla Pugacheva, where according to tradition, the Diva allowed the spring to be. Singer and composer Igor Nikolaev came to the party with his wife Julia Proskuryakova.

      In addition to dancing and songs, the company were photographed and even recorded videos. Picture in Instagram and shared a popular artist. In the shot with him posing favorite and Alla.

      But curious subscribers everywhere will find a catch: this time they are confused by the pose that took a young mother. Crossed arms forced the followers to think, and not hide the fact whether Yulia thus rounded belly? Delighted possible replenishment in star family fans literally flooded the Igor with questions and congratulations.

      “Julia’s tummy covers – soon we’ll be congratulating?”, “Oh, what a beauty Julia! Just as bright! And that tummy covers? Pregnant? Congratulations! You and Igor are so cute! Happiness to you!” – wrote followers.

      Here are just a very beautiful, such conversations are not happy, and hastened to explain, answer commenters directly on Instagram of her husband.

      “You specifically? Wrote in fact that you’re not pregnant! Why all the time to write it… to Congratulate you with something? Let each who’s hands lay down on your stomach we will congratulate”, “Yes, well, you got me all to congratulate you want? Already to the stomach not to touch something? Immediately begin to congratulate!” – responded to unfounded assumptions Proskuryakova.

      And after a while, tired of the messages, published a post in his social network with a request to cease to attribute to her an interesting position. “I’m not pregnant! Not pregnant! Don’t know how else to say it! I don’t understand why all the time I can only attribute to pregnancy! Fellow journalists do not start cheating the readers, for ten years, you me every day attributed to pregnancy, you have to stop doing this every time! Not pregnant!”

      Perhaps the assumptions of fans of the star couple are only related to the fact that for many Julia example of the ideal mother. Her advice and experience are based hundreds of pregnant women, many of whom have faced problems while carrying a child.

      She Proskuryakova talked about that in her family it was easy. In her words, to establish the process of feeding my daughter they are only on the fourth day – the reason was a problem with the sucking reflex.

      “It was such a joy, so beautiful and touching to tears, because 4 days we suffered and ruthlessly pressed my large Breasts, full of milk directly into the little mouth of my most favorite in the world nedonoshennye! You need to feed it 8-10 times a day, and on the second day it was a real stress for me, and for Nicky and for the whole staff”.