Julia Proskuryakova hated fans of Natasha Koroleva

Юлию Проскурякову возненавидели фанаты Наташи Королевой The wife of Igor Nikolaev told journalists that some fans still perceive her as a legitimate wife of the master. Fans of Natasha Koroleva write unflattering things about Julia in social networks.

Union Igor Nikolaev and Natasha Koroleva broke up many years ago. Soon the composer married his fan Yulia Proskuryakova, their marriage lasted for 12 years. Two years ago, the beloved master gave birth to his daughter nick. In spite of the idyll of family life current wife has complained that some fans of the Duo “Dolphin and mermaid” still can’t accept the current wife of Igor Nikolaev.

“We have Natasha never had conflicts. I appeared in the life of Igor, when Natasha was no longer his wife. Of course, there are fans who still have not accepted their breakup, and they write on the forums bad things about me. But it could be addressed not only to me but to any other woman who’d appeared next to Igor. For them, everything will automatically become bad. People living in the past. Rap we met at one of the events. And this meeting was normal. As between adults. We rarely come in contact with. But between us there is no negative”, – Julia told reporters.

Proskuryakova admitted that she was very lucky with my husband. For ten years the two lovers trying to have a baby, and only two years ago Julia gave birth to a daughter nick. For Igor Nikolaev girl was the second child, the composer has repeatedly admitted that he is happy to become a dad again. Also the couple continues joint work. “We have planned joint duets and concerts with my husband Igor Nikolayev. The recently released video clip for the duet song “I’m a mother”, which we recorded with Elena Esenina. The song became very popular on the Internet, and across the country it was done in flash mobs,” said Julia.

According to Yulia, in the relationship with the spouse they have no jealousy. “First, I believe that if your partner looks at someone else or he has feelings of love and liking, jealousy you still do not be able to correct. Secondly, it seems to me that jealousy is humiliating,” – said Proskuryakov in an interview with “Arguments and facts”. Domestic conflicts Yulia and Igor also quickly eliminated and after 12 years of marriage, learned to understand each other perfectly.

“I swore on some domestic issues. It was hard to each other to adapt in everyday life. In fact before we met we each lived alone for a long time, and of course, we had to learn to exist together. Women should learn to respect the wishes of his men,” Julia shared in an interview with reporters.