Юлия Проскурякова нашла идеальное авто для дочери Singer takes into account the preferences of a beloved child. Julia Proskuryakova in October for the first time became a mother. Now star parents are doing everything to please the baby and pay attention to what may have caught the girl.

      In October of last year in the family of Igor Nikolaev and Yulia Proskuryakova was born a long-awaited daughter. The happy parents named the girl Veronica. She pleases his star parents, and they, in turn, try to do everything for the happiness of the child. Despite the fact that little Veronica is not yet a year, Julia and Igor have noticed some preference to their successor and now pay attention to all that can look and feel daughter. Julia Proskuryakova: “Daughter loves our songs with Igor!”

      “As our daughter – Nikolaev Skvortsova loves bees, this machine she’d love it. Well, what she doesn’t know and doesn’t know about cars, while you can relax,” wrote Yulia and published the two-door sports car black and yellow.

      As it turned out, the machine Proskuryakova sent relatives – aunt and grandmother, who also heard about the passions of Veronica. Fans agreed with the star mommy and also felt that the baby would have liked the car.

      “The machine is cool, just for girls”, “I just wanted to write that machine for Expression. With her love of bees you will soon have to buy”, “Really nice car. And your daughter will definitely love it. Even a photo of her to show the dangerous. She makes the appearance that not understand anything, and in fact, need to “be alert”. The happiness of your Princess, Julia,” wrote loyal fans.

      In late may, Nikolaev I Proskuryakova baptized daughter. For a mysterious ceremony the couple chose a Church in the Moscow suburb of Peredelkino. The event was held in the presence of only closest friends of the couple. Eyewitnesses reported that for the baptism of the heir of celebrities entrance into the Church was closed to the congregation, and for the safety of the area around the building was answered by the guards.

      Now the whole family lives in Riga. Artists believe that sea air is very beneficial for the health of their daughters, and therefore in no hurry to return to Moscow. However, not long ago, the couple bought a house in the suburbs.

      “We live and will live in Russia, our daughter is also a Russian citizen, though born in Jurmala in ordinary local public hospital, so it turned out. Here we were surprised after reading all the media about what supposedly happened in Miami! Actually, I planned to give birth in Moscow, but, having arrived to Latvia on vacation, on the advice of a doctor just in case visited the hospital. Was already on 7-m month of pregnancy, thought I would have time to go home. But my daughter decided otherwise and was born in 8 months!” – Proskuryakov told in an interview with “StarHit”.

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