Юлия Проскурякова впервые осмелилась позировать в купальнике A young mother showed a great figure after childbirth. Fans believe that Yulia Proskuryakova, who gave birth to a daughter in October last year, recovered really quickly. “Igor Nikolaev very lucky with the wife”, – admired wife of the Maestro’s fans.

      The wife of the famous composer Igor Nikolaev Julia Proskuryakova – the woman is very modest, in her microblog no Nude pictures in the outdoor clothing, and until the last moment Julia didn’t pose in a bathing suit. However, the hot sun of Jurmala and the sea has done its job – a young mother, stranded on the beach, I could not resist and captured a bikini. “I was lying in the sun, finally get a tan”, signed photos Julia Proskuryakova.

      The singer shared with the subscribers microblog, and they were delighted with how it looks. It turned out that the wife of the composer, who gave birth to a daughter in October of last year, absolutely nothing to be ashamed of your body. Star quickly regained form and looks just adorable, and noted her fans.

      The photo shows that Julia bandaged left hand. Anticipating questions about this, Proskuryakova explained that she was bitten by either a wasp, or a bee. And concerned fans immediately started to give advice on how to ease the pain from the bite, and wish Julia a speedy recovery.

      “Such a beauty, Julia!”, “Julia, you are pretty, nice, kind girl. Happiness to your family!” “A great figure! Done, quickly recovered”, “Figure – super, keep it up!”, “You are amazing. And very beautiful. Talented. Igor Nikolaev lucky to have a woman like you. And a bikini is even nothing!”, – make Julia compliments her fans.

      In order to keep yourself in great shape, Julia Proskuryakova’s long-held principles of good nutrition and was able to attach to that lifestyle of his star wife. Bear and win: how 10 famous mom returned to a perfect body

      “To have a slender figure, it is necessary not to starve, and go on a proper diet, and stick to it not a few weeks or months, and throughout life. What I’m doing, ” Proskuryakova said in an interview. – Of course, sometimes break down and overeat, forget about the water. And immediately paying for it — instead of their ideal 48 pounds begin to weigh 51. But if holding it together, the result is obvious!”

      Celebrity couple trying to give up fatty, sweet, salty, fried and starchy foods. And family Proskuryakova Nikolaev and loves to spend time actively. In winter, Igor and Julia skiing, and in summer make Cycling in the Baltic sea. As you know, the part of the year they spent at his home in Jurmala.

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