Julia Proskuryakova cried for a few days due to emotional shock

Юлия Проскурякова проплакала несколько суток из-за эмоционального шока
The singer shared experiences with their fans.

Julia Proskuryakova

Photo: @uliaveronika Instagram Yulia Proskuryakova

Julia Proskuryakova admitted that for several days suffering from insomnia. The reason for that appears, trouble sleeping, became emotional distress which she suffered some time ago. Singer, like many other stars, were shocked by what happened at the weekend in a tragedy — the plane crash claimed the lives of 92 people. Julia admitted that as soon as I heard about the crash of TU-154 some time followed the news on this topic, and along with other equally tragic incidents. In the end she was overwhelmed by emotions, which she has shared in the microblog.

“To be honest, some nights I suffer from insomnia… can’t sleep! In mind all these events, so many of them over the last few days… And they’re all so terrible, such a tragic, such a cruel God… for what? What are we doing wrong? Why did you go astray? Why parents kill their children, why were there so many children of suicides, why so much aggression in people? Every crime is increasingly sophisticated and cruel… please, Please, stop! Every murder is an intolerable burden for your soul, you doom yourself to the worst pain and suffering is the road to hell… it always will be the punishment not on earth, so in Heaven! Stop, I beg you!” — Julia asked in his microblog.

The singer said that instead of preparing for the celebration of the New year, wept in despair. Proskuryakova added that she actually is afraid to live and sleep off the events happening in the world. Fans supported Yulia, many of whom admitted they are in a similar condition, and really understand the artist.