Юля Паршута с трудом поборола последствия экстремального путешествия
The singer unexpectedly failed the organism.

Photo: photo from the personal archive of Julia Parshuta

Julia Parshuta first told about the consequences of extreme travel to the South pole, taken three years ago, in December 2014. At this time of the year
Antarctica summer, everything comes alive and rejoices in the relative warmth. So when Julia invited to go there, she “lit up” this idea. But went there not only for new experiences: she decided to film the clip, and maybe a musical film. When he returned, Parshuta told of unseen mirror of the icebergs and the whales floating in the sea, and the seals “sunbathing” in the sun, and curious penguins
which came very close to people, and how on the way back
a ship caught in a storm… But about the unfortunate consequences of a trip from time to time in silence.

Singer many years watching their figure. Actively involved in sports
and dances, perfectly balanced nutrition. But as it turned out, built it system in Antarctica didn’t work. “After traveling, I found that recovered
by as much as three kilograms, — told the artist. All my female
the body reacted to the South pole, low temperature. My daily
training then does not yield results. I was nervous scared!”

had to go to a pricey nutritionist. “Alas, to diet, he told me
prescribed, I did not last long. Went unhappy with these trays, eating at
hours in small portions… well, eventually I broke and decided not to continue:
useless! Fortunately, I soon fell in love, I was not before meals. And the body
again rebuilt, and I finally lost some weight.”

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