Julia Parshuta told how he suffered on the set

Юля Паршута рассказала, как пострадала на съемках
Actress and singer admitted that he will not go to such victims.

Julia Parshuta

Photo: Ksenia Mamaeva

Julia Parshuta said that when preparing to shoot, then moves to a special diet.

“Already in three days I will reduce the diet and do not eat after seven o’clock in the evening, she said. — Because the camera adds pounds, to look slim, better a little “dry”. Of course, the weight and volume of the body depend not only on the food. Play the role and proportion, and genetics. I, for example, in the nature of an athletic figure. But it is possible to look and at a low weight. So what about the condition of your body better than you say is not Libra, but the mirror and clothes, tight skirts and jeans, for example.”

To look impressive, Parshuta carefully cares for the skin.

“Once a month doing the interior cleaning of the face and
moisturizing complex with hyaluronic acid, which is not
using injections, and the oxygen jet under strong pressure
oxytherapy. It doesn’t hurt, and no trace remains. Normal
home care includes hydrogel patches, which is applied under the eyes
in the morning, the fabric of Japanese and Korean masks and creams with the mandatory
UV protection 50+”.

Julia admitted that more attention in the care required by the skin and hair. “Hands — because I often wash them with a disinfecting compositions of here
forever dry skin. Have to constantly use creams. And the hair
spoil frequently teasing is an inevitable part of the acting profession. Below
keep the hair, instead of balms-conditioners use a mask and

And recently for filming, she had to make sacrifices.

“It so happened that for the episode, I repainted in black color, says parcheta. — After that, the hair “no”: the lost Shine, strength, began
break. Had to cut it. Now, getting the script, think one hundred
time whether to make such sacrifices…”

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