Julia Parshuta spoke about the difficulties of the profession

Юлия Паршута рассказала о сложностях профессии
The singer remembered the extreme situation related to the work.

Julia Parshuta

Photo: Press service of the TV channel “Friday!”

Julia Parshuta has been a guest on the morning show of TV channel “Friday!” and told
its leading early rise, creative plans and fighting oneself.

The video for the song “hasta La Vista” has already earned rave reviews
fans of the singer. For spectacular the video frames, more like
the art of the blockbuster, is not just hard work Parchute and famous
music video Director Alan badoeva, but also the heroic resistance of the singer, which had
to plunge into the cold water.

Footage of the clip, which Parshuta slowly sinking into the water are some
of the most exciting. In the air “Friday Morning” Parshuta admitted how difficult it is
she was given to shooting this scene.

“We have not discussed the temperature of the water, as flying to Portugal for good
weather, sun. And when Alan touched the water, the only thing he said
“But we have a talented actress! — recalls with a laugh Parshuta. — It was
hell of a cold! I needed to come in clothes in the water with a heavy canister to do
the view that everything is fine. And I already drove all the way down to the bone!”

Finally, Julia has demonstrated a host of “Friday Morning” a few
exercises that help her maintain her fighting spirit, good mood and
great shape every day.