Julia Parshuta shared the secret of how to look slimmer on screen

Юля Паршута поделилась секретом, как выглядеть стройнее на экране
The actress and singer told how preparing to shoot…

Julia Parshuta

Photo: Ksenia Mamaeva

It is no secret that the camera adds extra pounds, so even the very slender actress is unhappy with the way they look on the screen. Julia Parshuta told, how to cope with this problem.

“I usually eat for dinner a salad or a piece of fish or meat. But where are you shooting, I’m three days reduce diet and don’t eat anything after seven o’clock in the evening, — confessed the actress and singer. — To look slim, better a little “dry”. Of course, the weight and volume of the body depend not only on the food. I, for example, in the nature of an athletic figure.
But it is possible to look and at a low weight. So status
your figure better say no scales, and the mirror and the clothes, tight
skirts and jeans, for example.”

And of course, Julia is actively involved in sports.

“My usual load is one hour of training on an inclined treadmill
(only after 40-50 minutes of intense training starts the process
burning fat). Or training with my favorite trainer ellipse, where
work almost all muscle groups: the same 50-60 minutes with overclocking
pulse until 115-130 beats. While running, reading fiction and
scripts, watching new movies. In Moscow at least three times a week I go
on cardio and two-three on the power. At the time I spent on
the treadmill for hours and resulted in 25 years occurred
problems with knees. And I realized that raping the joints can not…”

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