Юля Паршута призналась, что занималась самобичеванием
The singer and actress went through a bad period.

Julia Parshuta

Photo: Instagram

At the end of April Julia Parshuta
celebrated 30th anniversary. Some time
later, the actress admitted that she was not just to cross this milestone.

“I was so afraid of this adult
date, soul shaking increased for a few weeks until the day
birth. And then I met a personal new year, exhaled,
and I was well — told Parshuta tele.ru. —
I wanted to throw a feast for the whole world, but, alas, has not yet happened
to organize it. Celebrated at home in Sochi is very narrow
circle: parents, friend, lover, godfather and dog. The celebration took place
vainly, as it was the day I decided to open your
online clothing store. I had all the time to do something, spread the posts
to answer the questions.

On the eve of the anniversary of tried to analyze his life:
what did what did not. Not managed to buy a house, have children,
become the coolest artist… Engaged in self-flagellation and even going
make a post on this topic. But when I opened Instagram the day
birth, I realized: it does not matter, and wrote some easy
garbage. Perhaps this was the best gift — it’s the realization that
we must live for today (of course, not throwing off from the accounts of the future)
and thank him, to enjoy what you have and not
steam what not.”