Юлия Началова ошарашила заявлением о беременности от Прохора Шаляпина
The singer forced the singer to undergo a DNA test?

Julia Nachalova and Prokhor Chaliapin

Photo: @Instagram Yulia julianachalova Nachalovo

Yulia Nachalova continues to be “heard” even those Network users who are not interested in her work. Only recently verse the scandal with the deprivation of the singer of a driver’s license as a new topic for discussion: Nachalova said that she is pregnant… from Prokhor Chaliapin. But, according to the singer, she’s not sure of his paternity and wants a DNA examination.

“Between us began to melt the ice and at the same moment, he looked at me with her bewitching languid glance and said,” wait, Wait baby. What you are there year of birth?” And I said, “of the Nineties…. the nineties! And I realized that was a failure! I started hysterically crying loudly: “why am I not in 1952?” In General, I am in the quiet solitude sat on the chair where he was sitting… and suddenly… I realized that she is pregnant! And I somehow think that it is the child Prokhor. In short, we have to go on the Jeremy Kyle show to do a DNA test live!” — Julius wrote in his microblog.

Fans decided that the recognition of Nachalovo was a witty joke. Although in every joke there is truth. Fans who came in bewilderment, trying to figure out what part told Julia — humor and what is not? In the comments of the fans can come across as praise for “trolling” Chaliapin and wishes the couple happiness in their personal lives.

It is curious that recently the singer hinted: she did have a new boyfriend. The man, whose name Nachalova keep the secret, gives her lavish bouquets of several hundred roses. Generosity won beloved Julia, who dreams to get married and have a second child. Maybe soon the singer will be cherished wish.