Julia Nachalova took a lie detector after the scandal with the deprivation of rights

Юлия Началова прошла детектор лжи после скандала с лишением прав The singer became the heroine of the program “actually” with Dmitry Shepelev. Yulia Nachalova denied that took alcoholic drinks before getting behind the wheel. The artist has its own version of resonant events.
Юлия Началова прошла детектор лжи после скандала с лишением прав

Recently, the court in a year and a half has deprived the rights the singer Yulia Nachalova and made her a fine of 30 thousand rubles. In December last year, the actress refused to pass survey on alcohol when she was stopped at about midnight on the West of Moscow. The singer does not agree with the verdict and would challenge it. Representatives of Nachalovo already filed an appeal.

In the program “really” Nachalova took a lie detector to prove his innocence. The artist answered a number of questions about the events that occurred at the end of last year. In the Studio, gathered friends and doctor Julia, and her good friend and colleague in the shop Larisa Dolina. Nachalova denied that he had taken alcohol before driving. Exceptionally good opinion about the performer and Larisa Dolina, which appeared in the Studio under the applause of those present.

“She always smiling, I never saw her without a smile on her face. She’s pure, angelic eyes, although she is not 20, and even 30. So what happened to me a blatant injustice and resentment. I know her as well as my own daughter. Hats off to Julia for her composure in this situation. Don’t know how it behaved I am,” said people’s artist of Russia.
Юлия Началова прошла детектор лжи после скандала с лишением прав

Valley suggested that the case on the road – a provocation. According to Larisa Alexandrovna, among law enforcement officers meet dishonest people deliberately commit bad deeds. Celebrity condemned the behavior of people who posted a video with Julia on the Internet. Valley said that due to health problems she did not drink alcohol.

According to Nachalovo, she was scared to go to the examination with strange men. According to the singer, they didn’t introduce themselves and offered to go with her in the car. Moreover, the actress is suspected to stop of its representatives of the traffic police in selfish intentions.

“Stops me a man in uniform. I see my car surrounded by three men in uniform, and four are out of shape, all with guns. I rolled down the window, they never introduced themselves. Began to Shine in the eyes, demanded documents, he said, so I quickly got out of the car. I got scared and blocked the car – said Julia. – I didn’t understand real police or not. Right Park, left washing, construction site wood. Night. On the street do not drive cars, and no pedestrians. Suddenly narisovatj witnesses and the camera starts rolling”.

Julia refused to go with law enforcement and asked her to bring a portable device that was not in the package. “I don’t know how many people there were “purged”, – said the artist. She also said that does not go away from responsibility and never took drugs. “I do not consider myself above other people. In this situation, the night, the men, the forest – I did not go”, – said Nachalova.

At the end of the program the expert-polygraph Roman Ustyuzhanin asked Nachalovo, if she took any alcohol before getting behind the wheel that fateful day. The actress replied in the negative. It turned out that Julia is not lying. Dmitry Shepelev glad that data. “Until the end I do not know the results of testing on the lie detector. Today, I was really afraid to hear them because we are familiar with Julia Nachalova,” said the presenter.