Julia Nachalova told about the new addition to the family

Юлия Началова рассказала о прибавлении в семье The daughter of the singer in October, will appear brother. Dad is going to become the ex-husband of Julia Nachalova, the player Yevgeny Aldonin. The second wife of the athlete will give him a son. The daughter of Nachalovo and Aldonin Faith happily preparing for the role of elder sister.

      Юлия Началова рассказала о прибавлении в семье

      Popular singer Yulia Nachalova became the guests of the next edition of the program of NTV “the Secret to a million”, where he gave a family secret former spouse and father of her daughter Faith, football player Yevgeny Aldonin.

      As it turned out, very soon the man a second time to be a father. Wife of Eugene by the name of Olga is in her last month of pregnancy, and in October will give Aldonio son. “Zhenya is in a very short period of time to be born second child – said Yulia Nachalova. For me it’s a very exciting event because my daughter appears brother.”

      Then in the Studio had a daughter faith of Nachalovo from marriage with Evgeny Aldonin. Faith with a smile confirmed that it is preparing for the role of elder sister. However the girl immediately noticed that she wanted a brother or sister she gave was a mom.

      Юлия Началова рассказала о прибавлении в семье

      The very same Julia Nachalova, in her confession, her dream is to have a second child. The singer for several years is in a relationship with hockey player Alexander Frolov, and their intention is to give to your man son or daughter.

      “But when it happens, I don’t know, – said Yulia Nachalova. – At first, I did my health had some problems. And now I think I need to Sasha first, finished his career, and then we will plan the birth of children”.

      Incidentally, civilian spouses live in different cities. Julia with daughter Faith – in Moscow, and Alexander – in Nizhny Novgorod, he is a player of the local ice hockey club “torpedo”. Yulia Nachalova tried the name of the civil husband

      Said Yulia Nachalova and the question that worries all of her fans – when she will become the wife of her lover. “I’m not in a hurry. I’ve been married twice officially, but in neither of those two marriages didn’t feel as happy as now, – admitted the singer. – Sasha does for me as much as did before him, no one else. I am absolutely happy.”

      We will remind, Yulia Nachalova tried to build a family with musician Dmitry Lansky. They were friends since the age of 15, and married when barely 19 years old. The marriage singer considers frivolous. The second time the star has been married 25 years. Her lover was the player Yevgeny Aldonin. To this marriage was born the only daughter of Yulia Nachalova the Faith. After divorce the former spouses were able to maintain good relations, and now Julia admits that she can be friends with Eugene, even if they are not United child.