Julia Nachalova told about his separation

Юлия Началова рассказала о своем расставании
The singer is writing his memoirs.

Yulia Nachalova began to write his memoirs. The singer decided to make them in the form
interview about
the events in his life: his career and
love everything about what she waited so long.

Fans of the singer will be able to learn the truth about her marriage
with the player
Jevgenijs Aldonina
and musician
Dmitry Lansky,
about the backstage
and diseases, about
everyone who helped

Sergey Krylov,
for example, shared
me fees,
so I can
to sign up
Studio: all
it was crazy
expensive, says
artist. And
still more
I’m just grateful
his father.
The fact that
I was born in
Voronezh. When
I decided to participate
in the “Morning
star”, we have
haven’t had
phone! Us
not installed.
Dad then
sent the tape to
with my speech
by mail, and in
the end I won
in the main music
the competition of the country.”

about 25 years of life
on stage will be released
in six months.
“I’m going to subscribe
under each
in short, because
that is a revelation,” says Yulia Nachalova.