Julia Nachalova thin in America

Юлия Началова исхудала в Америке In the United States, the actress showed off her slender figure, which caused mixed reactions from their fans. Some of them began to accuse Julia Nachalova in anorexia, while others admired the figure of the singer.

      Юлия Началова исхудала в Америке

      Singer Julia Nachalova is now in Los Angeles, where not only a rest from everyday life in Moscow, but also working on recording new material together with producer Walter Afanasyev. Weather in USA at the moment is great: Nachalova enjoys walks on unspoiled beaches, mastering the local cuisine and posing for photos on the streets of the City of Angels.

      Recently the actress posted the pictures where she’s in short shorts posing against a picturesque lemon trees, which were ripe in America. “Magic lemon tree. Make a wish!”, — shared Nachalova subscribers. However, they were attracted to the image of ripe fruit or the opportunity to fulfill their dreams after ripening lemons, but something else entirely.

      Some fans of Yulia noticed that during his stay in America, it is very thin. “Too skinny”, “Obscene thinness, stop!”, “Legs like sticks”, “weight shortfall”, “We are concerned”, “Start eating better”, — sounded the alarm fans Julia, suspecting her in a fit of anorexia. With them bet other subscribers of the singer. “It’s a frame like this”, “Julia lived through all that you write. Now she is a completely different situation. She has a nutritionist, she is under the supervision of a specialist. Anorexia is when people don’t eat, and Julia eats” they wrote. Finally, there were those followers of the singer, who liked its appearance. They wrote Nachalova compliments: “Envy is capable of much! Julia — beauty”, “Chic”, “Incomparable lady”.

      Recall that in mid-February Nachalova began to prepare for the summer season. She sat on a diet, in order to look good in bathing suits and outdoor clothes. Julia also showed fans a picture of his low-calorie Breakfast — the picture shows the singer exclusively feeds on cucumbers and tomatoes. Maybe the star just wanted to make a joke, but fans of Julia, remembering her past and anorexia, were frightened and began to give her advice on a balanced diet. Unable to bear the accusations in the wrong approach to eating, Nachalova was removed publish to Instagram.

      The struggle with weight is in Nachalova is not the first year. It is known that in the 18-19 year old Julia, focusing on the standards of glossy magazines, actively lost weight, exhausting himself. In addition, at some period of his life, the singer was being treated for anorexia after he dropped 25 pounds in a month and a half, is eliminating any food.

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