Julia Nachalova is not going to marry your beloved

Юлия Началова не собирается замуж за любимого The program Oksana Pushkina “Mirror for the hero” singer talked about how there was her personal life with the player Evgeni Aldonin and explained why he was not going to formalize their relationship with hockey player Alexander Frolov.

      Юлия Началова не собирается замуж за любимого

      Russian pop star happy in a relationship with hockey player Alexander Frolov. For several years the couple lived together. Celebrities obviously serious – athlete cares about her adorable daughter, Vera, and the singer literally shines with love. Fans of the star repeatedly wondered why such a strong Alliance so far has not been formalized. Journalists are constantly plagued by Julia questions about when they Frolov will go away.

      Appearing in the Studio of the “Mirror for the hero”, Julia decided to place all points over “and” to tell how to develop their relationship. Nachalova no hurry to become his wife, Alexander Frolov, jokes that is not the same age. “It was important to get married at 19 and 25 years. Now and so happy with everything,” said the singer to the question of Oksana Pushkina about the third marriage.

      Julia Nachalova was married twice. In my 20 years old singer already had a crowd of fans, as from an early age began performing on stage. “I was a hothouse plant, so any encounter with adult life resulted in the shock. I wasn’t independent, I’m a little late it happened,” recalled the star.

      The first marriage Nachalova with musician Dmitry Lansky lasted only two years. In 2006 the singer got acquainted with Eugene Aldonina. “I knew immediately that he would be my husband. It was the first adult relationship” – shared Julia. She told me that he had made a very strong first impression. Pretty soon the couple married and had a daughter Vera.

      In the Studio of the program “Mirror for the hero” was attended by Larisa Dolina, which is also well-remembered as romance of Julia and Eugene. “It was her man. This is not a marriage, which can be called temporary and fictitious. When you love, trust. He was smart, he was warm,” said the singer. In her opinion, when Julia has been a career advancement, she developed a jealousy of success, and start to destroy their marriage.

      Юлия Началова не собирается замуж за любимого

      According to celebrity, it all started with the fact that she went to America for three years where she recorded the album album “Wild Butterfly” together with composer and producer Walter Afanasyev. Recalling that period, Nachalova admits that day after day her relationship with Aldonina it was getting colder, and as a result could not stand the separation. By the way, during your stay in the States Julia accidentally met current partner, hockey player Alexander Frolov.

      “When I met Sasha, I felt bad. I worked 6 days a week. Came to 11-12 am and left at 10 PM. We had one day off – Sunday. Then called Russian friends and was called into the restaurant. I went without makeup and with a ponytail. I was not ready for Dating. And there was Sasha,” said Nachalova.

      The singer was not feeling well, she had a high temperature, but without special insurance American doctors have not been able to help, then Sasha showed himself as a real man. “I received so much care, only due to the fact that I have a fever, and not because I’m the star of Julia Nachalova. The person should be me and arm, and beloved simultaneously,” said the singer, Recalling how struck up a romance with the athlete.

      After returning to Russia, Julia began to prepare for the upcoming divorce with the father of her daughter. The couple broke up painlessly, daughter Faith still communicates with his dad. New lover Nachalova Faith was called the “Prince mom”. Alexander also has a child from a previous marriage. Children get along with each other without problems.

      At the end of the programme traditionally imposed by Oksana Pushkina, Julia turned to her reflection and said, “Everything is all for the best”.

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