Julia Nachalova eating marine reptiles

Юлия Началова ест морских гадов When serving, the animals still move. Julia Nachalova indulgence in the delicacies in the United States. The singer has a rest abroad, where gaining strength and vivid impressions.

      Юлия Началова ест морских гадов

      Popular singer Yulia Nachalova not so long ago, presented to the audience their new video. Now she has decided to take a little break to gain strength and vivid impressions. For new experiences celebrity went to the United States. There together with her civil husband Alexander Frolov she will stay until July. Now “Instagram” singer is just full of bright and colorful pictures with the ocean.

      Apparently, Yulia Nachalova decided to experience the whole gamut of new sensations. In the U.S., it tasted quite unusual dish. Sea urchin – a fairly common food in Japanese restaurants. It is noteworthy that when barbed the animal is served to guests of the institution, it is still moving. Apparently, in order to sample such a delicacy, gourmet has a lot of nerve.

      I must say that exotic dish widely circulated among the residents of not only Japan but also the Mediterranean, North and South America, and New Zealand. We can only guess whether they want Nachalova unusual to introduce such a delicacy into your daily diet.

      Recall that abroad Yulia Nachalova went not only for the sake of rest. The singer is very closely cooperating with well-known American producer of Russian descent by Walter Afanasiev.

      “I want us in Russia Walter knew better. He wrote such global hits as My Heart Will Go On Celine Dion All I Want for Christmas Is You by Mariah Carey, soundtrack to the animated film “beauty and the Beast”, but today we have a scale Walter can appreciate only the people working in the music industry. I also want to become familiar to the layman,” said in a conversation with “Stricom” about Afanasievo Nachalova.

      I must say that until mid-summer Nachalova is not going to return to Moscow. Now the daughter of Yulia Faith Aldonin goes to school. The singer did not take with him the heir, so as not to interrupt the educational process. To his mother she can come only in the summer, when vacations start.

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