Julia Nachalova can deprive of the rights for a gross violation of traffic rules

Юлию Началову могут лишить прав за грубое нарушение ПДД The singer refused to take a test for alcohol content in the blood. This young woman denied that it is in a state of intoxication. While Yulia Nachalova has not commented on the situation.

Julia Nachalova was in the midst of the scandal. Late in the evening of December 8, the actress behind the wheel of an expensive car, was stopped by traffic police. A young woman, in their opinion, strange was driving and could not stay in the band. She did not deny his guilt, but refused to undergo a medical examination to identify the percentage of alcohol in the blood.

Law enforcement officials had to invite witnesses to attest to the failure of the singer from expertise.

“I will not go to the hospital and any devices blow will not. Yes, I know that for me it is threatened,” said Julia.

The young woman did not comment on its decision. She did not deny that they may lose their rights because of the refusal from medical examination. In addition to the stars in the car was attended by another girl. She tried to resolve the conflict, but Nachalova did not respond to the comments of a friend.

Many netizens came to the conclusion that she refused the examination because of alcoholic intoxication. “It is clear that she is not sober. There is something to hide, that does not want to communicate with DPS”, “Poor Julia! Trouble her and showered, She wealthy man, famous singer, that allows his own kind. Although drunk driving can turn into a tragedy,” discussed the situation fans Nachalovo.

The singer is experiencing not the best period. Recently, friends of the actress told “StarHit” about the exacerbation of long-standing disease. As it turned out, Julia has several years of suffering from gout, and tries to hide symptoms of illness.

“Gout, Julia was discovered more than five years ago – said “StarHit” surrounded by stars. – Since then, the disease manifests itself in different ways. Occasional aggravation: the joints in the hands and feet start growing. Of course, she is experiencing discomfort. After all, a public person, all the time”.

About a year ago Nachalova broke up with a hockey player Alexander Frolov, which affected the emotional state of the singer. Mother artist told me that Julia was suffering from a prolonged depression, but was able to cope with stress.

Many fans of the artist believe that her behavior on the road is directly connected with the problems in his personal life. They hope that Nachalovo will not have trouble because of the conflict with the traffic police. Portal “Mash” did not comment on the outcome of the proceedings on the road.

Later the representative of the Yulia Anna Isaeva commented on the situation. According to the agent, the actress was stopped by unknown men who did not introduce themselves and did not present any documents.

“The night she was stopped by the crowd of some men. Asked where her drive the car. No examinations do not have. The question engaged her lawyer. In the case that someone would call from the traffic police, will deal with this issue. An ordinary situation, nothing special,” – said Isayev.

According to the information portal “360” Julia refused to leave in an unknown direction with strangers, despite their persistent requests.