Юлия Михальчик публично обратилась к экс-супругу Александру Шульгину The singer thanked former lover for everything he did for her, and wished him happiness. Alexander Shulgin celebrated its birthday. Producer turned 52. Several years ago, Yulia Mikhalchik was a whirlwind romance with the composer.

      Singer Julia Mikhalchik congratulated the birthday of former civil husband Alexander Shulgin, with whom she had a whirlwind romance after the project “star Factory”. The star posted a joint frame with the well-known producer in his microblog, which was written the words of gratitude. In the picture a little prinimaet Julia Alexander, the ex-beloved laugh and look quite happy.

      “Sasha, be! And be happy! Thank you for everything!”, wished Julia.

      Fans of the singer had joined her pleasant words, noting that Shulgin has done a lot for her work. “What he songs you wrote!”, “All great songs he wrote! Hits your factory and the best was also your”, “Finally someone has written with thanks to Sasha” – such comments have been left users of the social network.

      Many fans of the singer suggested that Julia woke up feelings for the ex-chosen one, because she was a free woman. We will remind, michalczyk has divorced his legal wife of Vladimir in March of this year. The singer decided to break the relationship with her husband, despite the fact that they have a son Alexander.

      “It was my initiative. We did everything silently, without scandals. Our son, Alexander, in March he turns 3 years, will remain with me. Vladimir, of course, is to see the child, educate him and financial support”, − told “StarHit” michalczyk.

      Many are surprised that michalczyk can continue to chat with men with whom it was previously tied a romantic relationship. Probably, the singer tries not to remember the bad that occurred in her life. When michalczyk just broke up with Shulgin, all publications wrote about the fact that she couldn’t handle the aggressive and brutal nature of men.

      In one interview, the singer told how she saw Shulgin. “In life, Sasha is a normal ordinary man. Very interesting, always listen to him with an open mouth. Rather, it is impossible not to hear. He speaks very quietly, but you catch every word. He’s funny, well-read, always aware of the latest trends in musical fashion, knows about all the developments in this industry, And charming, of course. Under his masculine charm find yourself involuntarily, and to resist is useless”, – recalled the artist.

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