Julia Mikhalchik hinted at the cause of her divorce from her husband

Юлия Михальчик намекнула на причину развода с мужем The actress claims that the ex-spouse did not pay enough attention to his son. According to michalczyk, the whole concern about the heir to lay on her. Julia did not notice drastic changes in their life after breaking up with the father of the child.

Ex-participant of “factory of stars” Julia Mikhalchik rarely goes out as she prefers to spend free time on parties, and together with his son Sasha. The actress divorced the child’s father, Vladimir, a little more than a year ago. According to her, the man doesn’t care enough about the heir, so strong changes after the break with her husband in her life never happened.

“My husband never helped with the baby. In a marriage, after divorce, son was doing I basically. A sharp difference after breaking up with Vladimir, I did not feel,” – said michalczyk.

When Julia was getting divorced, they with Vladimir tried to explain this situation a little sachet. The artist then stated that the initiative to end the relationship came from her. According to michalczyk, the separation was peaceful and without scandals. Julia Mikhalchik about divorce: “Son we did not explain anything”

The star says that while she doesn’t want to devote himself fully to creativity, as her four year old son needs much more attention. “I have no producer. I am my own producer. Performing mostly at corporate events. Concerts don’t give because I don’t have time. Now when the son starts to grow up, and it is much more often required my presence and attention. The people I was interested in, follow my work, are interested in. This is my fans,” explained Julia.

At one time there were rumors that michalczyk and altogether refuse performance. After the birth of her son she really wanted to sacrifice my career. The woman admits there was a time when she is totally committed to wife and son.

“One day I just realized that I don’t need success and fame, if I can’t be held as a mother and wife. For the family I had for a period to sacrifice career. But I do not regret it,” explained Julia in an interview with Dni.ru.

According to the artist, she is proud of her son Sasha. It grows quite capable boy. As Julia says, he has a sense of rhythm. While the child is playing football, but michalczyk does not want to become a professional player, as it believes that this is a very dangerous sport.